SM-Studio Dark Room

The ambience of Bizarre Studio ELEGANCE

As our name presages, our mission and aim is to create an elegant place that gives you the possibility to let your dreams run free and become true.

Our widespread 250 square metres offer various rooms that are equipped and designed for all sorts of fetish games.

Our studio is a playground to fetish gentlemen and lovers of exclusive erotic games. But also for those, who are looking for some tender moments we offer lots of possibilities.

To fulfil all sorts of dreams you can chose from erotic, bizarre and bdsm rooms. As well, a white room for medical games and a wet games compartment are available. In all our rooms we have lots of mirrors installed to ensure the perfect view and provide many fixation options.

Our exclusive equipment consists of: fu.-machine, milking machine Venus 2000, slave chair, punishment bench, bondage wall, turnable cross (360°), various cages, pillories, bondage beds, toilet chair, gynaecological examination chair, sling, rack etc.

For our cross dressers and lady-boys we provide a large collection of lingerie, dresses, bras, high heels, and wigs from small to extra large.

Our bizarre studio is a place that will let you forget the usual everyday life – enjoy a flair of extraordinary experiences and kinky fantasies.

Of course we ensure highest hygienic standards, air-condition available.

Entree Elegance

Entree Elegance

Already when arriving in our impressive entree you will receive an imagination what is waiting for you in the studio ELEGANCE. The perfect stimulation for all senses. Light, flair und music create the perfect relaxing and exciting atmosphere to start you erotic adventure.

Silver -Fetish Paradise

Silver - Fetisch Paradies

Our fetish playroom features high class equipment and all sorts of equipment to enable all sorts of games. Beginning with a classic St. Andrews Cross, handmade bondage construction, cage, and bondage platform. This is the beginning of outstanding pleasure.

Gold - Royal Golden Suite

Gold - Royal Golden Suite

The furniture in this suite is high class at its purest. We have created an entire world of bizarre rooms and playgrounds. Female domination at its best is what is waiting for you. The contradiction of erotic games and strict domination is perfectly melted in our studio. The center of our dungeon is the mistress throne. Your goddess is awaiting you – find your place below her feet.  

Red - Hot Domination

Red - Hot Domination

Our red room creates the perfect atmosphere of lust, pleasure and erotic games. Here, you can bring all your dreams to life! Lust and desire are the things that will widen your senses.

This stainless steel bed with the cage below will empower all sorts of bondage games. Hand out control to your mistress – she will be the one to bring your dreams to life. Restraint by belts, chains and cuffs you will receive what you need. Enjoy sensual touchings and feelings. What about joining a game of pleasure when you are blindfolded?

As an obedient slave you will spend your time in the cage under the bed. Enjoy punishment and joy at the same time.

Purple - Bizarre Exclusive Style

Purple - Bizarr Exklusiv

This room is furnished with high class equipment. This creates the room for all sorts of fantasies. Here, everyone can live the dreams of his life; this place has been created for ultimate pleasure. All your secret dreams will come true. Bondage, spreader bar, cage – in this place, all your dreams can come true.

Blue - Modern Dominatrix

Blue - Modern Dominatrix

Some of our guests do not like the classic dungeon setting. Therefore, we introduce our blue and white room. Of course, this room features the unique feeling of our studio. This room features a wide range of possibilities to play an extraordinary game. Sensual Desires will be melt with erotic ambitions.

Dark - BDSM Dungeon

Dark - BDSM Studio

Our well equipped bdsm dungeon is the ultimate biatarre playground. Here, you will find everything, you have been ever looking for. Beginning with the classic mistress attire towards all sorts of erotic games – everything is possible. The most important tool in this game is your fantasie – all you have to do is to let your mind run free.

Our bdsm saloon empowers all sorts of games.

Already when entering our studio you will feel what this is all about. In here, you will discover strength and pleasure, the mixture of lust. Discover the feelings beyond your limits

White - Clinic

White - Klinik

If you have a white room ambition we will fulfil all your longings. We have created an entire professional white room to bring your dreams to life. Our medical crew will find the right solution to your issues. Of course, long time treatment is possible; all your ambitions will run free in this kinky emergency room.

Pink - Chillout Lounge

Pink - Chillout Lounge

For those, who love an erotic ambition, this room is equipped with flair and ambition.  We have done our very best to create the world of your dreams. Smooth light and music will create the setting for you and your fetish playmate. The mirrors will give a spectacular view to the scenery.


Wet - Nasszelle

Our wet and messy room is the place to celebrate dirty games. From golden shower to whatever you prefer – there is no limit. Right from its origin you will get our champagne. Enjoy the pleasure of this game!