Davina Dust

Charming, graceful, mystic bizarr-dominant beauty

Davina Dust

Direct contact:
Telefon: + 49 176 31356082

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Presence Penthouse:
03.03., 07.03.

Presence VIP-Lounge:
27.03., 28.03., 24.04., 25.04.

Lady Davina Dust is looking forward to introduce her claviature of sadistic, perverted, and bizarre instruments to you – you will become her tool for all her desires and fantasies.
Multifasceted variations bdsm and fetish games covering all aspects from sensual domination to sadistic distance.

High Class Gourmets will receive all they are dreaming of and even more. My exclusive meal is only served once per day.

Davina Dust has the following preferences:

  • Ass Play
  • Milking with the Venus 2000
  • Beginners are welcome  
  • Ball Busting
  • Use you as my boxing or punchingball,
  • Extreme f***ing games, fist and feet
  • Erotic domination  
  • Bondage
  • CBT  
  • Dirty Talk
  • Disgusting training  
  • Cross Dressing, maid or bitch  
  • Flagellation/Spanking
  • Imprisonment and arrest   
  • Scat
  • White room
  • Longtime education
  • Overnight sessions  
  • Golden shower
  • Nylon erotic & seduction
  • Electroplay
  • All kinds of role play  
  • Caning  
  • Spitting
  • Trampling
  • Pet training
  • Enslavement
  • Dirty talk

Rubber and latex (huge collection of clothes and tools)

  • Masks/inflatable masks  
  • Rubberdoll training and clothing  
  • Rubberpuppet transformation  
  • Restrainment jackets  
  • Inflatable sacks  
  • Bondage sack
  • Rubber suits from small to xxxx-large including gloves socks

Taboo: Vomit, slaughter games and drugs

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