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secret weapon

Von: Chris

secret weapon

Late afternoon. Not my favorite "spanking time", but nothing helps, I'm hopelessly "under-tortured"!
The attentive reader of my reports knows what that means - that is, "Evil Chris is thirsty for marks by the divine hand!"

Lady Pamela, I KOOOOOOOOMMEEEEEEEeeeeeeee ......!

And yes, do not worry - I'll cut it short.
And no, I will not describe the action scenes as a Marvel comic in speech bubbles - so relax.

4:10 pm - I check in at the penthouse at Frankfurterring 139 in Munich.
The usual:

1. Lady Pamela = breathtaking (... I'll get the switch out!)
2. Chris = angry & pushes message
3. Small talk with the Divine = more message
4. The message is "tied" = still much more message!

Until then: "Sounds easy, it is too!"
(To the community: "Guys believe me, Pam is so hot, sexy, wicked, noble, elitist, arrogant, deluxe ... she's not just about things, Pam is floating! - if only for a bit" different on it "would have been, then I would already now the first load directly on the studio floor gekleckert - ... to the shame!")

What follows is:

- Laaaanges warm up (... only with the hands of the "Divine")
- even longer warm-up ...
- endless warm-up ...
- and a bit more "divine" of it ...

The studio is interspersed with loud clapping in the meantime, as if the whole audience of "Wetten dass ..." on Saturday evening point 20:15 clock to applauding would start.
And then, finally, my ass shines like a nuclear reactor! - Oh wonder.

Pam "turns" - tool is announced! Finally.
Means: no fun.

Pam gives everything. She is sweating. I sweat. Everywhere it drips.

Problem: Pam warmed me up so brutally that my hormones are already rocking ultra-fast and open the taboo time corridor of my masochistic insensitivity.

Ergo: Pam "is really hard to push me to the limit, because after the most enjoyable, masochistic 10 minutes (... shit I'm sick!) I can still laugh her cheeky face and knock macho sayings (Friends: "You have no idea what the" result "of the Divine looks like so far").

Well, and then I bring over and over again this "Chris error" in the game that says: "Tell me, Pam, is that all you have on it today and your deodorant grad fails?"
Well, a goddess can not offer "something" stop! - This time she turns straight to her Louboutins and leaves shaking arduous (.... God I love her awesome ass) with the riding crop in his hand stöckelnd the room - me without the worst.

Pam brings reinforcement - And what a!
Mrs. Comtessa Loredana enters the stage!
I see her in the mirror and think aloud: "Lick my ass, you're tall! - Then she: "The little one, you can completely forget that!" (... and people: "I took it away immediately - I think Mrs. Loredana scratching the 2-meter mark!")
Ok, long story short: "INFERNO starts!"
Hallelujah have the 2 ladies on it!
I then held out again for 15 minutes or so, but then deliberately "canceled" - my masochistic lust was satisfied for today and somehow wanted my biorhythm in the afternoon when the sun does not really reach the limit.

One thing is completely out of the question: "The 2 would have broken me today!"
Ms. Loredana (... what a dominant feature!) And Lady Pamela, the "Divine," embody a truly fateful SM mix, the 2 are perfectly recorded and harmonize like a pair.
Loredana is a very intelligent and sympathetic woman with a pleasant, natural, dominant aura - she knows exactly what she does and she does it on a high level.
Boah can watch them - Bravo!

For me Comtessa Loredana is from now on Lady Ps "secret weapon"!
I like her style, her humor and her voice.
Really highly recommended!

I do not need to say anything about Pam anyway ...

What an awesome SM afternoon!


Bizarre lady Pamela

Comtessa Loredana

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Look what I have here!

Von: Fräulein Eder

Look what I have here!

"Look, here I have a new, really hot thing. Do you want to try it? It means there will be a bit of fumbling, and if that causes you to loose interest that would be a pity."

Yes, that's how friendly I am sometimes when I chat before the session has started and when I know my boy. The delinquent and I know each other very well by now, he can tell me what he does and does not want – since during the session he prefers to be so passive that it would be mean to destroy his flow with questions or unexpected fumbling.

His eyes sparkle as he sees my new thing. Just like mine had sparkled when I bought it on the spur of the moment at the "Venus" fair in Berlin. I explain to him in detail how the thing works, and use the explaining to prepare it for its use.

Now I manoeuvre him caringly and with much bodily contact on the gynae chair. I make him spread his legs and put a mask over his head which immediately takes away his eyesight. I take control over his body centre, check it with my eyes, with my feeling fingers, and caress it tenderly with lubricant. First the stem and testicles are enclosed and locked by a firm ring. Then I test how many spacers I will need before I place the cruelly downwards curving tube and bring my delinquent into a sweet dilemma.

"It is perfect", I whisper into his ear. "You fill the cage just perfectly. This way its other functions will strike wonderfully too!"

I chuckle and shut his mouth and nose with my hands for a moment in order to watch the surprised rising and falling of his chest and to observe how the tube of the chastity cage gets even fuller and rises from his belly a little.

I unwrap the two cables and put the ends of the first one carefully into the appropriate receptors in the electrodes. Then I start the first channel. I don't announce anything, my delinquent knows from my explanation before that his aroused, trapped flesh will now be flooded with electric energy. First the curved tube rises again, then after increasing the current supply I notice a silent, joyful moan. I place the next cable. It will cause an intense electrical stimulation of his urethra. There is the surprised inhaling already!

I leave one hand at the controls now while I place the other caringly around his head and touch his chest with it. Then I level up the current. Activity in the chest cage. Higher. Moaning, how loud! Higher! His whole body moves up and down rhythmically, with a lascivious wiggling of his hips. Higher, higher... He bucks, pants, grips me and presses his face into my bosom.

I touch him firmly as well, also gripping him with my second hand and lowering my head to his neck in order to inhale the scent of him. He feels my breath, seeks contact, his lower body rises and sinks more wildly.

"Come, we have more planned", I whisper and he understands.

I turn down the current, guide him to a spanking bench and tie him to it so firmly that he will feel the resistance soon very well. A gag makes him helpless and silent. I touch his head, let my hand lie there, and make the current flow harder again. The delinquent's body tenses beautifully again and the ropes restrict the bucking and wiggling of his hips.

I get a flogger and let it brush over his buttocks. Then I take a big swing.

The gag doesn't work well...

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Summer on the terrace

Von: Fräulein Eder

Summer on the terrace

I stretch my legs out on the footstool. It is so splendidly warm on the terrace and the seat cushions had been heated by the sun before I put up the umbrella. In my hand I hold a mug of coffee. Surely a good cocktail would be more suitable now, but I’m certain that my slave can’t mix one and I don’t want to drink anyway in case I need my concentration for more demanding activities, such as perhaps giving a sound thrashing, that might take place later in the dungeon. But for now I will just stretch my legs out.

„Do you sun burn easily?“ I ask my slave.

“No, mistress.”

I’m delighted how naturally he says “mistress” and even means it.

“I mean, did you burn frequently in the past?”

“Actually I’ve never had sun burn.”

I feel reassured. “Then I can leave your behind sticking out in the full glare of the sun.”

Most of the slave is in shadow, only his ass is exposed to the sun which is acting like a spotlight, making it appear especially inviting in its position. I chuckle at the sight of the gradually warming buttocks that shine pink, not because of the sun, but for the almost tender spanking administered a quarter of an hour before.

I tuck my legs in for a moment and stretch them out again looking for the most comfortable position on my furniture. Have I mentioned that my slave is the foot stool? He kneels face to me, head to the floor ass protruding.

“I cannot tell you often enough how incredibly relaxing it is sitting with you like that. I think that there is nothing that puts me so readily in this state of complete relaxation.”

He is allowed to know that he is doing me good. I know that it makes him proud and that he enjoys these moments as much as I do. Besides it would be boring to me just sitting there in silence.

“You do like being my footstool?“

“Yes, very much, mistress.”

“Will you say it, then, slave!“ A well-placed blow with my bare heel to his ribcage. He pants in surprise.

“Yes, mistress.” Another blow, harder this time, and two more on the other side. I stare at the crouched meat beneath me and get eager for more discipline. The slave writhes.

“I like being your footstool, mistress.”

“That sounds nice.” It sounds so nice because he means it. How well he is able to identify with his role. That’s what makes these silent moments so precious and relaxing for me.

Now another mistress comes. No, she is not joining me for a cup of coffee. I recognize that by her proud smile that reaches me while her male toy is still invisible, following her on the leash. She guides him to the middle of the terrace right in my field of view.

“Another lady has just arrived with her slave. I have to watch and can’t talk with you anymore, slave“, I murmur sneakily and hold my foot out for a brief kiss. „What a pity that you can’t have a look yourself. But you know I need you down there so that I don't get my feet dirty on the ground.“

The lady exercises a few simple obedience tests. I watch and am relaxed: My slave wears a blindfold and has his head out of sight, so the two men can’t recognize each other. At the same time I assume it’s a thrill for both of them to have witnesses.

I follow the mistress with my eyes. She is an eyecatcher with her obvious grace, prancing around her pupil and using the riding crop to discipline him as she sees fit. She appears lightfooted and regal and creates a scene that will probably be embedded in my memory as well as in her toy’s.

“Up, slave! On your knees, and come closer a bit!” I murmur almost silently towards my footstool in order not to disturb the other session.

I grab the man tightly at the collar and place a foot in his crotch to make him feel my claim. He pants. My eagerness to play is full on again, the empty coffee mug has to take care of itself.

“Hands behind your back…” I whisper.

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BDSM has become a lifestyle

Von: Lady Monika im Interview mit Lady Sas

BDSM has become a lifestyle

Lady Sas: Dear Monika Rose as chief of the Munich Dominatrix Bizarre & Erotic Dungeon "Studio Elegance" you now have opened a new exclusive suite "VIP Lounge Elegance". And nevetheless you still work as a dominatrix . How do you manage all these?

Lady Monika Rose:
I have never thought of it simply as a job but as a dedication. Of course I have to stay very disciplined and well organised. I perform consequence not only in my role as a dominatrix, but also in my private life I am consequent to myself. Certainly I limited the number of my appointements. You can be successful at almost anything when you are fascinated from the subject you deal with. My personal motto is the wise saying by Konfuzius: "Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life."

Lady Sas: Please tell us how all these had begun. How did the bizarre world cause your attention?

Lady Monika Rose:
I have always been interested in fetish and BDSM topics. Once I met a professional dominatrix at a party. The things she told me about her job were fascinating to me. She showed me even her dungeon and invited me to collect my first experiences on this field. After that I knew that this would be my dedication. Now I have been working as a dominatrix and living kinky SM life.

Lady Sas: Please tell us about the concept of "VIP Lounge Elegance".

Lady Monika Rose:
There was a huge interest of couples and small groups wanting to rent some rooms of our dungeon. That is why I developed the idea of "VIP Lounge Elegance" and created new space for this demand. There you can enjoy the more intimate atmosphere. The VIP Lounge could also be used as an escort location.

Lady Sas: Both Dungeon "Studio Elegance" and "VIP Lounge Elegance" are located on the same address Frankfurter Ring 139. Are the rooms still absolutely different or are there some similarities?

Lady Monika Rose:
Dungeon "Studio Elegance" and "VIP Lounge Elegance" occupy the same building, but they both have saparate entrances. This house is not located in the "red light" district. It is very important for our guests counting to the business elite. They can enter the house descreetly. Our website and room design are rather alike. I am faithful to this style. Both areas are stylish and exclusive according to the name "Elegance". The VIP Lounge is also equiped with a sauna and a whirlpool.

Lady Sas: As I took a look at the prices of the VIP Lounge it made me gasp. Friday to Sunday for two to four guests for 650 Euros per night. Which kind of people can allow themselves such luxury?

Lady Monika Rose:
Our guests belong mostly to the middle and upper class of german, austrian, swiss society or come even from all over the world. Of course they appreciate luxury and are able to afford a special erotic experience. They want to enjoy the most noble sort of realizing of their BDSM fantasies.

Lady Sas: The Guests of the VIP Lounge Elegance can also book a butler and cook. How often do they employ these services?

Lady Monika Rose:
There is really a huge interest. According to my experience I know that our guests want to enjoy this extraordinary event. The erotic foreplay starts with the gourmet delicacies and treats. Reception and support by the butler impress the partner and turn the date into a festive occasion. Our guests cherish such evenings they can enjoy with all sences; it helps to relaxe and gives you a good feeling.

Lady Sas: Is it difficult to assert yourself as a boss in this business? Which problems and challenges are you faced with in you everyday life?

Lady Monika Rose:
I am not only the boss of the dungeon but also a colleague. We perform sessions together and have much fun. In our dungeon there is an unformal and familiar atmosphere. We spend a lot of time together, that's why we maintain emotional relationships. However the friendship burdens the professional relationship sometimes. I have to choose between the friendly closeness and the professional distance every day. And it's not always so easy to separate between job and private sphere. It is difficult to find the right balance. Management by perseption is important and trained instinct is surely needed.

Lady Sas: How do people react when they find out that you are the owner of a SM-dungeon?

Lady Monika Rose:
The reactions are rather different. Usually  they are positive. They are curious and want to know more about the dungeon or even visit it. In my opinion people became more tolerant. But the opinion of my friends and people who support me is most important for me.

Lady Sas: What can you tell us about the BDSM community in Munich?

Lady Monika Rose:
I got an impression that the Munich community grew and this fact is based on the success of "50 Shades of Grey". More and more fetish parties take place. Another good example is the BoundCon in Munich developing to the most important fair for Bondage and SM. BDSM is no taboo anymore, but more like some kind of lifestyle.

Lady Sas: Do you observe some new trends on the professional BDSM field?

Lady Monika Rose:
Nowadays dominatrix is a recogized profession. Some experienced ladies instruct and educate the next generation. Not only theoretically but also practically.
To create a fitting plot for the session you need a lot of skills as insight into human nature, tolerance, intelligence and creativity. Psychology plays a very significant role. Many colleagues and me have an academic or medical education.

Lady Sas: Please let us have a look behind the scenes. Who is Lady Monika Rose as a private person?

Lady Monika Rose:
My professional everyday life is crazy. Besides doing sports I like to spend my time outside and enjoying nature to stay in balance. I'm a pleasure-lover. The meaning of life isn't work alone. The most important thing in life is life itself.
I love life, people, good food and music. I have surrounded myself with beautiful things and art. Those who are able to enjoy things, know how to find inner balance and how to savour every moment.

Lady Sas: What are your plans for the future?

Lady Monika Rose:
After the great success of "Night of Pleasure 2016" with Bavarian Fetisch, I plan to repeat this party in summer 2017. Furthermore we will be present at Venus Berlin 2017. I don't want to reveal too much. You will be surprised. ;-)

You can find latest news on our homepage WWW.VIP-LOUNGE-ELEGANCE.DE or WWW.BIZARRSTUDIO-ELEGANCE.DE

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