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Event Reports - Studio Elegance

Event Reports

In future, we will give detailed comments on former events and happenings. If – and only if you like – shoots will be taken.

We will post the pics on our website – this is the ultimate chance to present your outfit and style to a huge public.

Penthouse Affairs "Winteredition 2013" 07.12.2013

Penthouse Affairs "Winteredition 2013" 07.12.2013

Because of our successful "Penthouse Affairs" in 2013 we will introduce our new event "Fetish Nights of Pleasure" in the Penthouse Elegance in 2016.

Dance and play in our rooms will be the mission statement of the evening so that all desires, from party to pleasure, will find their fulfilment.

Let’s have fun and enjoy the night will be the only rule of this night.

Some first impression:

Night of Pleasure 2016 (Summer Play & Dance Party)

Night of Pleasure 2016 (Summer Play & Dance Party)

Liebe Gäste von "Night of Pleasures 2016",

wir danken Euch für das tolle Feedback und den wunderschönen Abend! Dies war die erste Dance & Play Party dieser Art im Studio Elegance, die unsere Erwartung bei Weitem übertroffen hat. Wir haben mit sehr niveauvollen und einzigartigen Gästen einen geilen Abend erlebt. Einfach der Hammer!

Vielen Dank an den DJ, alle Photographen und Künstler, die diesen Abend unvergesslich gemacht haben. Ganz lieben Dank auch an Carsten, Wolfgang und das gesamten Team von Bavarian Fetish für die ausgezeichnete Organisation und Umsetzung des Events.

Wir freuen uns bereits auf die nächste "Night auf Pleasures" mit Euch! Diese findet am 22. Juli 2017 im Studio Elegance statt. Weitere Informationen findet Ihr unter Events Ankündigung.

Liebe Grüße -  Euer Studio Elegance Team

P.S. Anbei ein paar Bilder von der Party!Danke an die Gäste, die die Erlaubnis gegeben haben diese zu veröffentlichen.

Night Of Pleasure - 2017

Night Of Pleasure - 2017

After the legendary success of the event "Night Of Pleasures 2016", we have even more topped it. This event was much more spectacular!
It was a mega great party on a warm summer evening with many interesting guests in extravagant outfits and exclusive stylings. This event was accompanied by many unusual artists with special shows of the fetish scene in Munich.

The DJ's have really heated us over the rooftops of Munich and we had a super good mood until the early morning hours. This fetish & bdsm party was a special experience for all of us. We do not want to miss this anymore.

Thanks to Carsten, Wolfgang and the entire team of Bavarian Fetish for the excellent organization and implementation of the event.

The next "Night of Pleasures" will take place in summer 2018 and we will prepare more surprises for you

Until then, we wish you a great time and hope to see you again soon.

Best wishes - Your Studio Elegance Team



We would like to thank you for the great feedback from our guests as well as the very positive press comments (TV / radio and magazines) about our trade-fair appearance at the VENUS BERLIN 2017. Many thanks to all ladies / dominas and to all other artists who participated. We had a lot of fun with you and our guests. We are extremely proud that we were honored as the Best Domina Studio in Germany with the VENUS AWARD for the "STUDIO ELEGANCE and VIP LOUNGE ELEGANCE". We are also very pleased that we had the best stand party on the entire VENUS. Many, who tweeted us, had said "Best Party on Venus"; the KINKY Hall and the VENUS was rocked by ELEGANCE.

As a memory of a great time at VENUS we have added some photos for you.
Have fun while watching!

Further information (pictures and videos) can be found on: