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Event Reports - Studio Elegance

Event Reports

In future, we will give detailed comments on former events and happenings.

The international well-known photographer and stylist »NIKITZO will be the special guest during our "Fetish Night of Pleasure" – if – and only if you like – shoots will be taken.

We will post the pics on our website – this is the ultimate chance to present your outfit and style to a huge public.

Penthouse Affairs "Winteredition 2013" 07.12.2013

Penthouse Affairs "Winteredition 2013" 07.12.2013

Because of our successful "Penthouse Affairs" in 2013 we will introduce our new event "Fetish Nights of Pleasure" in the Penthouse Elegance in 2016.

Dance and play in our rooms will be the mission statement of the evening so that all desires, from party to pleasure, will find their fulfilment.

Let’s have fun and enjoy the night will be the only rule of this night.

Some first impression: