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Fräulein Eder

Dominant and sadistic

Fräulein Eder
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Presence Penthouse
20.02., 21.02., 05.03.

I am dominant, you are submissive. I’m a sadist, you are a masochist. With this established, we can get started. I love play which emphasises lust and pain, I adore tying men up in ropes or having them crawl at my feet. Do you want just some of this, or all of it at once? What do you think you can take? I love creativity, experiments and men who dare to experience my way of doing things.

This is me: young, sporty, classy. Educated, vigorous, loving life. Wild, emphatic, sadistic. And hot for male backsides, oh yes.

I consider it a gift from men if they let me fuck, kick, beat, spit on and despise them. The more daring you show me, the more I will do exactly this! Your Do’s and Don’ts are my playground on which I push you further.

Selected Preferences
  • Imaginative bondage
  • Sensual deprivation- be passive
  • Enclosure in foil and duct tape
  • Slave training
  • Pain play with sense and passion
  • Closeness and distance
  • Passionate anal treatment – strap on, fisting
  • Leather and Latex
  • Electro (ET 312)
  • and many more

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