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Mistress Sarah

Mistress Sarah
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You are searching for your perfect dominant counterpart? You want more than just some one time adventure? Your want to experience the  real art of sadomasochism – real discipline and education?

Feel how stimulating real domination can be and enjoy this beautiful and wonderful young dominatrix who will overflow your mind. Mistress Sarah is very open-minded to all sorts of desires. She knows very well about all your preferences and longings, choosing the perfect method at any time to celebrate a bizarre firework.

Excesses at their purest are what please Mistress Sarah the most – without any inhibition she will celebrate your fetishes and desires with you. You will understand very quickly that nothing remains the same after your encounter with this lady. This dominatrix will give you a new dimension of your longings.

She will turn you into what she wants you to be – kinky whore, living toilet, submissive servant or masochistic toy. All sorts of dungeon and whiteroom / clinical treatments will ensure the perfect handling of your sufferings, desires and needs. Mistress Sarah is an expert in all bdsm and fetish techniques.

Beginners experience an empathic Dominatrix who will guide you into your deepest desires. Experienced connoisseurs will widen their horizon and experience feelings they haven’t even been dreaming about.

The journey with this lady is your first class ticket of pleasure.  

Selected Preferences
  • Analbehandlung
  • Analdehnung
  • Strap-on
  • Benutzungsspiele
  • Brustwarzenbehandlung, CBT
  • Fetisch-Klinikspiele
  • Fixierungsspiele
  • NS, Römische Dusche
  • Lustsklave
  • Rollenspiele
  • Schuh- und Fußerotik
  • und vieles mehr

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