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Kat Rix

Come visit me so I can have my way with you...

Kat Rix
Direct Contact
Presence Bizarre Studio
18.07., 19.07., 20.07.

Playfully and sensually, I investigate the limits of your body. Our time together is composed out of elements of intimacy and distance, intensity and relaxation, lust and pain.

My hands and body are all over you, making sure you know at all times you are mine to use for my own pleasure. My perverse phantasies will be realised through you, and you cannot escape...

I like to do things my own way! Seductive, feminine, elegant, easy-going.

3 years ago I started working as a professional dominatrix in Berlin. Having always been an adventurous type who cannot stand boring routine, I found BDSM play to be exciting enough to engage my creative mind.

Every man I work with has different needs, desires and personality. I enjoy the sensitive game of getting to know someone through play, feeling their body and giving them new sensual experiences.

More information on my website

Selected Preferences
  • CBT
  • Electro-sex
  • Anal play (active)
  • Strap-on
  • Trampling
  • ball-busting
  • tease and denial
  • hand-job
  • foot-job
  • and much more

Genital sex, oral sex, needles, catheter, passive activity (I do not switch)

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