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Lady Lia

Lady Lia
Direct Contact
Presence VIP-Lounge
03.03., 30.04., 21.05.

My name is Lady Lia,

I’m your mistress and I knew about the sadistic affections I inherently have - and now the time has come to show them to you!

Either as a bizarre clinic doctor, a strikt superior, playful pain or hard torture - I don’t only like to fulfill my own fantasies, I might also be interested in your mindset.
Tell me your secrets - trustfully. I might be young but also quite experienced. We can talk in detail and in person about your interests, also about more complex role-play scenarios.
Beginners are as welcome as "experts".

But: If you are expecting some witchcraft-believing esoteric cat-lady absorbing your mind and soul with dark spell…you’re on the wrong track here!
I didn’t decide to become a pro-domme over night, I started to expend my interests in "kinky stuff" in private over the years and switched to commercial-BDSM about two years ago. I discovered new techniques and likes and I’m still excited about my passion.
I’m a curious character, so trust me: whatever your fantasy is, don’t be afraid, you can’t shock me and I won’t make fun about it.
Nevertheless I’m still also a sane human being - that’s why I insist on clear language during our conversations before and after the session (at least when we meet for the first time). If you’re feeling insecure you’re welcome to meet me before and get an impression.

NOT WELCOME: 24/7 slaves, payslaves, personal slaves at home (my flatmate wouldn’t appreciate that I guess, dates or even marriage. (Don’t laugh. Those request were real!)
If I ever told you not to contact me again: I mean it.

Selected Preferences
  • Anal play
  • Tease and Denial
  • Clinik
  • Electroplay
  • Latex/Rubber
  • Spanking (Peitsche/Rohrstock/Hand - alles Mögliche was gerade zur Verfügung steht)
  • Transvestites
  • Bondage

Taboo: Sex (no discussion), Vomit, Everything that puts you at risk to and up in hospital or me to end up in jail, Torturing women

What I’d like to try (but I’m not very experienced yet as used in BDSM): Boxing

I answer emails and text messages. Feel free to ask me whatever you would like to know further.

Hope to see you soon!
Lady Lia

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