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Lady Luci

Sexy Domination by Lady Luci

Lady Luci
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Presence Penthouse
24.02., 25.02.
Presence VIP-Lounge

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Sexy Domination by Lady Luci, Mistress of your dreams!

I fulfill your unspoken submissive, bizarre dreams! In my presence the suffering of your slave existence starts! You will get away to another bizarre world in which you start to dive in for a while.

For the inclined guest, I offer these endless variations in the interplay between touchable dominance and arrogant distance!

Your servile inclinations, bizarre fantasies and perverse dreams will be forced by a young but surprisingly hot, very strict, active and experienced Lady in an absolutely extravagant top studio with special ambiente and discreet atmosphere!

I will dominate you as a sadistic, very clever and sneaky sexy lady in psychological and especially erotic roleplays. I'm your mistress, your teacher, your boss, your governess, your tormentors, your doctor, Latex bitch or Lady in leather and you will used solely for my pleasure!

The scene gourmets I spoil my very special noble delights! Also i offer hard toilet training!

For beginners I start gently and slow this fetish!

In everything we do you will forget time and space for a moment and find yourself in subservient hot rollers which you will remember longingly for a long time!

All this we could play in combination with the milking machine Venus 2000 or the Sybian!

Selected Preferences
  • Anal Games, Strap-on
  • Classical BDSM
  • Approachable Dominance
  • Electropain, Electro Play, E-Stim
  • Beginners welcome
  • Bondage
  • Latexsessions, Latexbags
  • Roleplay
  • Dirty Games, Cavior, golden Schower
  • Much more on demond

Tabus: Bby. Games, Drugs and Alcohol, Injections

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