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Miss Aurelia

Sadist & Fetishist

Miss Aurelia
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My outward appearance already in my early years allowed me playing small, nasty games with the boys. Blond and innocent, I was able to cradle any malignancy with a gentle glance.
Likewise, I still attract the men today.

First I court them, they weigh in safety until it's too late. The siren song stops and they realize that they are cowering naked and tied up in front of me.
Every session, every game is different. I am a sadist, a fetishist and I also have a great love for role playing. I enjoy trying out everything in the world of BDSM.
Latex is a very special game for me. The more I dress you, the more latex clings to your body the more you will lose yourself in one and only the sound of my voice, the touch of my fingers will be your anchor in this world.

Now enough of the words, you know what you have to do...

Selected Preferences

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  • Latex
  • Rollenspiele
  • Fuß/Schuherotik
  • Klinik/ Doktorspiele
  • Bondage
  • Strap on, Anal
  • Langzeiterziehung
  • Spanking
  • NS
  • weiteres auf Anfrage

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