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Miss Juliette a/p

Miss Juliette a/p
Direct Contact
Presence Bizarre Studio
30.01., 31.01.

I am natural, playful, very touchable, humorous, easily aroused and extremely passionate. I love closeness, sensuality, kissing and nakedness. Everything perverse and forbidden also turns me on.

I have a special passion for golden showers and other bodily fluids, especially in combination with naked skin or latex. I like to reward special lovers of these games with kisses full of golden nectar.

In the active role I enjoy anal play. Every bit of that journey is exciting for me—from gently slipping my finger inside a shy newcomer to pleasuring the more hungry with my hand, strap-on or dildos.

I love experimenting and trying out new games and toys. I enjoy playing with beginners just as much as with experienced players.

Guests who like to switch are very welcome in my sessions. I am happy when you bring your fantasies and ideas for games with you. That inspires me, gets my imagination running wild and turns me on.

I like all kinds of roleplay, whether simple and fun or deep and complex—including long or overnight sessions. I simply love playing, be it age-play, pet-play, resistance-play, dirty-talk or dirty games. I also enjoy extreme games and I love daring experiments and breaking taboos.

I enjoy touching your body and can use my hands, feet and body in a dominant massage, a playful kinky tantra massage or a long, sensual cock massage.

As a trained tantra and shiatsu masseur, I know how to help you relax with oil and a gentle or strong touch. I am also happy to add some wicked fun using whips, bondage ropes, clamps or wax.

Yet my favourite toy remains your body, your desire, your cock, which I use not just for your pleasure but also for my own.

Selected Preferences
  • Switching (Wechselspiel aktiv/passiv)
  • Leck- und Lustsklaveerziehung
  • NS (aktiv/passiv)
  • Anal,  Fistingspiele, Dildos,  Strap-on
  • Rollenspiele (aktiv/passiv)
  • Abmelken, Zw.-Entsamung
  • Doktorspiele, Untersuchungen
  • Bondage, Shibari
  • GV, OV
  • Sonstiges nach Absprache

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