Legals & House Rules

  1. Young people under the age of 18 must leave our website immediately.
  2. Admission for young people under the age of 18 is strictly prohibited in Studio Elegance.
  3. The operator does not provide any supervision for the use of the studio and its multi-faceted game options.
  4. The guests are at their own discretion and responsibility in the Elegance studio.
  5. Entering the premises and using the Elegance studio including equipment is entirely at your own risk.
  6. The operator is not liable for health or other damage that could result from the use of these. The operator is not liable for slight negligence.
  7. The guests of the Studio Elegance are obliged to truthfully and truthfully inform the lady of their choice in advance and immediately in the event of known health restrictions in order to exclude any risks.
  8. Violence, bodily harm and any practices that endanger health are prohibited in Studio Elegance. In the Elegance studio, non-violent sexual self-determination applies to adults.
  9. In our studio, all games must be played with the utmost security, common sense and with mutual consent at all times.
  10. To avoid "causing public nuisance according to § 183a StGB", guests and ladies are not allowed to engage in sexual acts outside the building (e.g. parking lot, access to the building, Frankfurter Ring and its side streets etc.) and / or to be naked / inappropriately in to stop these areas.
  11. In the event of incorrect / inadmissible behavior, the operator reserves the right to prohibit access to Studio Elegance immediately.
  12. The operator is not liable for the cloakroom or personally brought objects or clothing.
  13. All furniture and accessories are owned by the operator of the Elegance studio. The person who caused the damage is fully liable for grossly negligent damage.
  14. Commercial photos and video recordings are not permitted in Studio Elegance without prior permission.
  15. The interior of the Elegance studio is a "smoke-free zone". Smoking cigarettes is not permitted inside. The lighting of candles and corresponding guard games are prohibited.
  16. Bringing and using intoxicating substances or narcotics of any kind is expressly prohibited in accordance with BtMG. In the event of a violation of the Narcotics Act, the operator will immediately report this to the police.
  17. The condom requirement according to the Prostitute Protection Act - ProstSchG § 32 must be strictly observed in the Studio Elegance.
  18. We rent our rooms exclusively to professional ladies who provide their services independently and on their own account. In addition, these ladies must meet the requirements and legal requirements of the currently valid Prostitution Protection Act (ProstSchG).
  19. The ladies are responsible for the content of their profiles on our website. They ensure that you can be reached directly via the mobile phone number and / or email address. On the homepage of the Elegance studio there is only a current attendance list with a link to the lady's profile. The homepage of Studio Elegance is not an advertising portal for the ladies.
  20. Discretion is the top priority in Studio Elegance. In order to protect the interests of our guests, the ladies and the operator, the parties undertake to maintain silence. This applies in particular - but not exclusively - to internal business processes, personal and professional information of all parties. The only exceptions are information that has already been published on the website or in other media. A violation of the discretion requirement will be prosecuted by legal means.
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