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Our ultimate goal is to make your stay in Studio Elegance unforgettable! We wish you a wonderful stay and unforgettable erotic moments. With this in mind, we wish you a great and unique time and enjoy the "Elegance Feeling".

We look forward to seeing you again soon and if you like it, please pass on a recommendation to like-minded people and your friends.

Your Elegance Team

Rental studio

Studio ELEGANCE ONLY rents out fetish locations, SM apartments and the BDSM themed rooms. Short- and / or long-term room rental with overnight accommodation is possible.
We run the studio like a "hotel".

In principle, we distance ourselves from any commercial issues raised by the tenants
such as income and appointments.

Possible uses of the BDSM locations ELEGANCE
  • BDSM rental studio,
  • BDSM play room, SM play area, SM play rooms
  • SM rooms in for BDSM meeting point or fetish affair
  • SM photo location (e.g. erotic & nude photos)
  • BDSM film location
  • Private workshop room (e.g. for BDSM workshop)
  • BDSM Vacation Rentals, BDSM Vacation, BDSM Vacation, SM Vacation
  • Private SM location for an exclusive SM night
  • Adventure apartment for an erotic and romantic weekend
Rental private

The offer of SM Apartments ELEGANCE is also aimed at the private BDSM scene and private guests: BDSMers, SM and fetish lovers, as well as leather and latex lovers who are looking for a BDSM location. Ideal for private couples, those newly in love and curious people who want to try something new. In ELEGANCE you can live out your sexuality.

With us you can escape everyday life and immerse yourself in another world. Whether for a few hours, an overnight stay, a weekend or longer stays. In Studio ELEGANCE you will find everything you need for a date à la "Fifty Shades of Grey".

Rental Commercial

Commercial use for photo sessions, films, parties and workshops etc. is possible on request.

Commercial rental - Ladies

Commercial leasing of the BDSM studio to professional ladies is permitted, of course in compliance with the legal requirements and police regulations of the city of Munich.

The rooms are only rented to self-employed tenants (in accordance with ProstSchG from 01.07.2017). Services are offered and provided to the ladies exclusively in their own name and for their own account.

Professional ladies - tenants

We are pleased that the best mistresses are guests in Studio Elegance. You are self-employed with us and you determine your own service and your time management. They personally answer your questions about their prices. Studio ELEGANCE does not arrange appointments between guests and ladies (tenants).

Rental equipment

In the ELEGANCE studio you can rent equipment for a rental fee. We take care of the daily cleaning and care of the equipment. The prices are calculated very fairly and ultimately only cover costs.

This service offers you an additional option to book a room if you are interested. Of course, you can also bring your own equipment.


Extreme cleanliness and hygiene for our guests is very important to us. High-quality BDSM furniture, inventory and toys are made available to you in Studio Elegance. Please respect the following rules so that the next visitors will have just as much pleasure in finding your and our guests this apartment in top condition at any time.

Please treat all play equipment, furniture and all inventory carefully and properly. Please put all used toys (pre-cleaned) in the designated container so that we can thoroughly clean, disinfect and seal them again.

Provided dildos and other utensils that come into contact with mucous membranes are only to be used with the condom on.

Wax games are not allowed.

NS, KV and Vomit games are only permitted in the bathroom and clinic on the tiles and a suitable film; Leftovers must of course be disposed of by you. These special games are expressly not permitted in the bathtub, shower or whirlpool. Please throw your own hygiene items such as condoms, tampons and sanitary towels into the bin provided. Disposal in the toilet is strictly prohibited. Please put used towels in the laundry tub in the bathroom.

Please put a towel under your seat, i.e. not only in the sauna and on the sun loungers but also on the furniture inside.

Please treat everything carefully and remove any visible dirt before you leave.
Please avoid moving heavy furniture to avoid scratching the parquet.

After your visit, the entire Elegance studio will be completely cleaned and all toys and furniture disinfected accordingly, and the whirlpool will be refilled with fresh water and adjusted.


Numerous hygiene items and towels are available in the ELEGANCE studio.

We ask you to use towels, heating, water and electricity in an environmentally friendly way. We thank you in advance for your economical, appropriate behavior.

Fire protection and smoking

The interior of the BDSM apartment is a "smoke-free zone". Smoking cigarettes is not permitted inside, but on the roof terrace. The lighting of candles and corresponding wax games are prohibited.


Pets are not strictly forbidden in Studio Elegance, but this requires prior personal agreement, as additional cleaning costs may apply. We ask you to inform us of this before your arrival.

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