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Fancy an exclusive FemDom party with the best dominatrixes.

The experienced ladies make your head cinema a reality. Many different private fetish theme events await you.

Whether community education, slave carousel, slave market, cockold, demonstration, foot party, NS orgy, duets, strap-on party, regulars' table or an exclusive FemDom evening, you can experience all of this in Studio ELEGANCE.

You shouldn't miss creative individual FemDom events with passion.

Experience your own kind of BDSM!

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DUO - Lady Blackdiamoond & Bizarrlady Missy Van Licks | Bizarrstudio Elegance News

DUO - Lady Blackdiamoond & Bizarrlady Missy Van Licks

Experience us, Lady Blackdiamoond and Bizarrlady Missy Van Licks in perfect symbiosis. Classic leadership paired with tangible dominance lets you immerse yourself in an emotional roller coaster ride. Completely independent of whether you are a beginner or an experienced fetishist or slave. You won't soon forget a session of this extra class.

Take your chance, let yourself be carried away into a world full of contrasts. We look forward to you.

Date:27.09.2023 to 28.09.23
Elegance Location:VIP-Lounge Elegance
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BDSM PLAY - Community education | Bizarrstudio Elegance News

BDSM PLAY - Community education

Lady Jolie Berrie , Comtessa Loredana, Mistress Olympya, Göttin Aphrodite  and  Switcherin Electra

Our community education with switcher Electra, Comtessa Loredana, Mistress Olympya, goddess Aphrodite and Lady Gioia offers you a bizarre playground for your dearest wishes and dreams. An extraordinary event full of tingling lust, paired with the bitter-sweet taste of pain, submission and the fulfillment of your deeply hidden devotion.

The carousel of ecstasy! A festival full of sensuality and captivating eroticism!

Put yourself in our hands and experience a breathtaking mixture of excitement, lust, fear, pain and pleasure on a level that has never been reached in Munich.


Admission from 7 p.m

Elegance Location:Penthouse Elegance
Individuals:EUR 380
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Femdom Duet - Selina Vogue with Black Angel | Bizarrstudio Elegance News

Femdom Duet - Selina Vogue with Black Angel

High boots, cane and whip.

Two good friends who harmonize perfectly with each other. In a bizarre duo, they offer their slaves individual fetish sessions tailored to their needs.

Experience a highly erotic kinky session in a double pack, whether you are curious about SM or a lover of SM, they make true slave hearts beat faster.

get in the mood? Do you want to become the slave of these two dream women?

Don't think too much about it, because appointments always fill up quickly.

Date:09.10.2023 to 15.10.23
Elegance Location:SM-Apartment Gold
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Duo session Huntress Artemis and Mistress Luna May | Bizarrstudio Elegance News

Duo session Huntress Artemis and Mistress Luna May

Two opposite femdoms queens that complement each other perfectly! Together they go back on the hunt for sprawling, ecstatic duo sessions.

They will indulge you and rape you, just as they please.

Do you feel the need to surrender to them?

Date:30.10.2023 to 01.11.23
Elegance Location:SM-Apartment Gold
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Special Duo Mistress Xena & Lisha Lamour | Bizarrstudio Elegance News

Special Duo Mistress Xena & Lisha Lamour

Take your chance for a double session under absolute Polish rule!

The hard, sadistic and merciless dominance of Mistress Xena meets the incredibly erotic, lascivious but also humiliating leadership of Lady Lisha Lamour!

As a real foot fetishist, you will melt away under the strict guidance of the Polish domina Dou in Louboutin shoes!

The two goddesses know how to use feet, nylons, satin and heels.

Is TV education your fetish?

Then let us turn you into the little slut you are!

We know how to deal with dirty mares, fixed motionless we will plug all your holes at the same time!

Do you want to experience Tease and Denial to its fullest?

Lady Lisha Lamour will make you infinitely horny with her charms, but Mistress Xena will show you with the great variety of her punishment options who is in charge here!

Our Forced Bi Party will take place on November 16th

Date:15.11.2023 to 16.11.2023
Elegance Location:VIP-Lounge Elegance
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