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Fancy an exclusive FemDom party with the best dominatrixes.

The experienced ladies make your head cinema a reality. Many different private fetish theme events await you.

Whether community education, slave carousel, slave market, cockold, demonstration, foot party, NS orgy, duets, strap-on party, regulars' table or an exclusive FemDom evening, you can experience all of this in Studio ELEGANCE.

You shouldn't miss creative individual FemDom events with passion.

Experience your own kind of BDSM!

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Duo session - Bizarre Lady Alina & Bizarre Lady Theresa | Bizarrstudio Elegance News

Duo session - Bizarre Lady Alina & Bizarre Lady Theresa

There is a perfect symbiosis between the two good friends in their sessions, who in the soft/bizarre duo offer their guests an individual service tailored to their respective needs! Intimate contact is also possible, for both!

Immerse yourself in their double sessions and experience highly erotic moments twice! No matter if SM newbies are new or SM professionals, they leave little to be desired.

Date:15.04.2024 to 17.04.2024
Elegance Location:VIP-Lounge Elegance
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Duo with Mistress Xena and Comtessa Loredana  | Bizarrstudio Elegance News

Duo with Mistress Xena and Comtessa Loredana

Mistress Xena and Comtessa Loredana will take you to the edge of the imaginable together!

Comtessa Loredana, a master of dirty talk, will show you completely new facets of verbal eroticism!

Maybe you also deserve to be able to get a little closer to Mistress Xena and enjoy her plump bottom.

With Mistress Xena you will learn what English upbringing and harshness really make you feel!

Only when you lie at the feet of the goddesses will you know what submissiveness means!

Would you like to experience extraordinary games with the masters of classical education?

A lot is possible, a little is unthinkable!

For further questions and to register, contact one of the mistresses!

Elegance Location:SM-Apartment Rot
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An unbeatable duo! | Bizarrstudio Elegance News

An unbeatable duo!

We have known each other for years and we have been offering imaginative sessions together for years!

Perfectly attuned to each other, we know without saying which buttons we have to push to get you into ecstasy, so don't waste your time and don't miss your chance to book an unforgettable session with us!

Date:26.04.2024 to 27.04.24
Elegance Location:Penthouse Elegance
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Duo with Indre Baltic & Lucia Lucifa | Bizarrstudio Elegance News

Duo with Indre Baltic & Lucia Lucifa

The unique diverse hot duo!

Have you always wanted to know what it feels like to be in the hands of two hot and experimental ladies?

Then now is your chance! Together we make the perfect duo! We will use you however we want, according to our mood!

Let us train you to use our lady's toilet, whether it's an hourly toilet or a day toilet. Become our toilet mouth and let us fill you up until you vomit! Merciless and dirty!

Have you always wanted to be raised and trained to be a sissy? Then you are exactly right with us! We'll turn you into a slutty sissy, together we'll stuff and fill all your holes! And if you do well, you will even be able to enjoy our bi slaves and we will fuck you in a foursome!

Do you have physical complaints? No worries! We will invite you to the consultation and examine you very closely... we will examine every opening in your body in detail and carry out the necessary treatments so that you can go home slave and in top shape afterwards.

Or do you just like patent leather, latex? No problem! Material fetishists are welcome!

Do you like beautiful women's feet? Together we will let you float into foot heaven! We have the most beautiful feet and will make you addicted to us! Be our foot fool!

We are diverse, keen and dirty! So what are you waiting for? Take advantage of your unique opportunity!

Date:09.05.2024 to 12.05.24
Elegance Location:VIP-Lounge Elegance
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Femdom Duet - Selina Vogue with Black Angel | Bizarrstudio Elegance News

Femdom Duet - Selina Vogue with Black Angel

High boots, cane and whip.

Two good friends who harmonize perfectly with each other. In a bizarre duo, they offer their slaves individual fetish sessions tailored to their needs.

Experience a highly erotic kinky session in a double pack, whether you are curious about SM or a lover of SM, they make true slave hearts beat faster.

get in the mood? Do you want to become the slave of these two dream women?

Don't think too much about it, because appointments always fill up quickly.

Date:13.05.2024 to 18.05.24
Elegance Location:SM-Apartment Gold
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