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Open Door 2024 | Bizarrstudio Elegance News

Open Door 2024

Exciting, funny and informative through BDSM STUDIO ELEGANCE

With the “Open Door 2024” event we want to break down prejudices. The “Open Day” is intended to present itself to the public and improve the image of the sex industry and erotic services, as the industry is characterized by prejudice, a lack of knowledge and scandal.

Date: 02.06.24
Time: 14.00 Uhr – 17.00 Uhr
Location: BDSM STUDIO ELEGANCE, Frankfurter Ring 139, 80807 München

2 p.m. Visit

On the open day, visitors can view all SM apartments and rooms in the dominatrix studio.

We want to show Munich residents and interested visitors that the BDSM STUDIO has “nothing to do with sleaze”.

But it's not just about presenting the equipment, it also talks about hygiene, safety measures and general information about working in the SM area.

3:00 p.m. Meeting with dominatrixes & their customers

After the tour through the rooms of the dominatrix studio, we invite you to coffee and cake.

In the relaxed atmosphere, sex workers answer visitors' questions. Dominatrixes talk about their work. They hope that the profession will continue to be recognized and that their rights will be strengthened.

The studio’s clients/guests are also invited. They present their opinion on the ban on purchasing sex.

The current discussion about the introduction of a so-called “Nordic model” or ban on purchasing sex is causing fear in the industry. This applies equally to sex workers, their customers and the studio operators. A look behind the scenes will certainly give visitors a lot of information that a Nordic model is absolutely not necessary in Germany.

Download Flyer "Open Door"

New air conditioners in Studio Elegance  | Bizarrstudio Elegance News

New air conditioners in Studio Elegance

Now all ELEGANCE rooms are air-conditioned!


15 air conditioners are in use! Existing air conditioning systems have separate outdoor units to prevent exciter transmission.


We installed several air conditioners in Studio ELEGANCE. This applies to the following areas: Domina Studio Elegance, VIP Lounge Elegance as well as the SM apartments on the 2nd floor Gold and Red!


That's how easy it is to play cool again, even in the greatest heat.


Germany is groaning under an unbearable heat wave, but here you only groan out of lust.

Bild Zeitung – VIP Lounge ELEGANCE | Bizarrstudio Elegance News

Bild Zeitung – VIP Lounge ELEGANCE

On March 13, 2023, the Bild newspaper published an article (page 12) about the VIP Lounge Elegance.

Bild Zeitung described our rental location as "Germany's most captivating holiday home".

Our VIP Lounge ELEGANCE was able to convince me of the unique ambience, Fifty Shades of Gray feeling and feel-good atmosphere.

BILD - Article in Newspaper

BILD - Online-Article



We present you the new website of SM Apartments ELEGANCE! There you will find an overview of the occupancy and you can book/pay directly for the selected location.

The BDSM rental locations ELEGANCE are available for couples or groups. The SM rental studio's ELEGANCE can not only be rented by couples, but also by the guests of the house ELEGANCE and of course including the lady of their choice.

We hope you enjoy reading and look forward to your visit.

You can find more information about SM APARTMENTS ELEGANCE at:

SM Apartments ELEGANCE - BDSM Suits - Munich (sm-apartments-elegance.de)



UPDATE 03.04.22

On April 3, 2022, all Corona rules will be lifted in Munich

There are no more contact restrictions


UPDATE 14.02.22

The relaxation of the Corona rules CURRENT RULES 3G (Vaccinated, Recovered, Tested) and FFP2 mask requirement.

NO more contact tracking!


Opened !

Dear guests,

with restrictions, we have opened the StudioELEGANCE!

It is very important to us that you feel comfortable with us despite the special circumstances. Therefore, we have taken additional measures as a precaution for you.

There is always only 1: 1 contact. One lady can receive one guest at a time - for details, please make an appointment! Spontaneous visitors are not admitted.

The minimum distance requirement of 1.5 m is for indoor and outdoor use.

A suitable mouth-nose cover is worn in closed rooms.( FFP2 mask )

However, the 2G rules apply indoors (vaccinated / recovered)

We wish you lots of fun



Terms of use of the Elegance studio during the corona pandemic

Health is our top priority, which is why we follow all the requirements of the state government of Bavaria


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