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Dominatrix Charlize

Ruler with special skills

Welcome to my Luxury BDSM World!

A true elevated Persian goddess exclusive and very special.

Ruler with special abilities, in possession of unique assets and master of her profession, joyful and very consistent, she governs her loyal subjects. Educates them with a tender angelic voice and also chastises their devoted followers with the devil in their hearts for their own enrichment.

Elegance, class, style and eroticism play a major role for the goddess, be it with the dominant or submissive gentleman. The true foundation of SM & BDSM is implemented professionally and consistently.

A true goddess/domina/mistress may be desired, but sex or intimacies (GV, OV, AV, rimming, uncovered face*itting) are strictly prohibited and not permitted!

Ladies who carry such a title must stick to the foundation of SM & BDSM, otherwise this title is not deserved, true BDSMler appreciate and honor their true goddess Charlize.

The subject has to fulfill the following requirement in order to enjoy the exquisite enjoyment of the exalted Persian goddess.

Respect is the first of 5 commandments, then follow

- Trust

- decency

- Attention

- Passion &

- Honesty.


You should honor and appreciate the time of the Goddess Charlize, then you will be able to experience an explosion of feelings.

New gates will be opened for you, which you may enter in humility in order to enter a new dimension.

A world that embraces you and pulls you under its spell, your greed for more will grow and your soul will not stray from the noble Persian goddess, it will be the addiction to your Goddess Charlize.

The stern hand and the eloquence of your mistress will voluntarily bring you to your knees in order to be allowed to be a good subject for the ruler.

Appreciate your Goddess Charlize and never turn up empty-handed.

Mention your preferences and taboos in advance, open your deepest fantasies to get an appointment afterwards.

Be punctual and respectful at all times, then you will be able to experience your sensational session.





Preferences of Dominatrix Charlize:

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to the current corona crisis and current hygiene regulations, some of the services/preferences mentioned may not be offered. Please observe the applicable regulations.

  • Original Persia Caviar (Scat)
  • Divine Champagne (Golden Shower)
  • Dirty Games
  • clinic (white area)
  • Classic dominance (black area)
  • foot fetish
  • overnight
  • Anal (Active)
  • Fisting (Active)
  • detention
  • Bi Boy Education
  • Sissy (TV) education
  • Maso upbringing
  • Slave/Sub Training
  • Training for shy gentlemen
  • Education for Maidens
  • Education anti-macho
  • boxing
  • SM & BDSM workshops
  • community education
  • Duo with slave
  • Other wishes on request

Dominatrix Charlize’s Taboos:

Intimate contact at the Goddes, baby training, wrestling

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