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Miss Nica Nordic

Miss Nica Nordic


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You feel my closeness, hear my voice, smell my skin. I am close to you, lead you on the path of your dreams and fantasies and show you new ones. Don't let my smile fool you. Behind it hides my second face, sadism. With the masochist I go to his limits and beyond in the studio as well as in the clinic. I will use the experienced slave as he deserves, I will gently and patiently introduce the interested fetishist and/or bizarre erotic into the realm of the bizarre. Let yourself fall, put yourself in my hands and give up control. I love playing with your lust when I drive you into ecstasy with my body and my plump breasts.

Do you need slave education with elements of classic English education?

You have discovered the female part in you and want to explore it further? I will accompany you on this path with words and deeds by your side while we form you into my whore and prepare you for your new existence.

The animal in you needs to be tamed and trained, be it a dog, horse or something else? I am an animal owner with a lot of experience in their training, and you are also right with me for long-term training.

Maybe you would like to live out or expand your riding boot fetish, here too I am at your side as an active rider and long-time horse owner. Sessions in the real horse stable are not excluded.

Have you been dreaming of being kept chaste for a long time? That there is only one mistress in your life who decides about you, your mental cinema and your horniness? Together we will find the right cage for you that you can carry relatively comfortably for a long time. The keys stay with me. Your key mistress.

It also corresponds to my inclinations to fill you up with my delicious sparkling wine or chocolates from the source. If I like, even if you are strictly fixated. Also possible as a day toilet.

Anal treatments up to fisting on the gyn chair are also among my specialties. For the beginner I have soft toys for the connoisseur of course also extensive equipment. Remember, the prostate is the man's secret G-spot You will feel orgasms you have never experienced before.

For my videos, I'm always looking for interesting game objects that want to be dominated in front of the camera. A mask can of course be worn.

Preferences of Miss Nica Nordic:

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to the current corona crisis and current hygiene regulations, some of the services/preferences mentioned may not be offered. Please observe the applicable regulations.

  • pet play
  • chastity
  • penalties
  • clinic
  • feminisation
  • long-term education
  • film session
  • Dirty Games
  • anal treatment, anal stretching,
  • beginner pleasant,
  • respiratory reduction,
  • overseer
  • Hanging,
  • utility games
  • bondage
  • nipple treatment
  • CBT
  • Cold caning
  • humiliation
  • Extreme bondage
  • fixation games
  • facesitting
  • flagellation
  • foot eroticism
  • rubber latex
  • high heels
  • whore education
  • detention
  • corseting
  • Scat, Goldenshower
  • long-term education
  • Lick slave & pleasure slave
  • leather
  • Lustxxlave
  • masques
  • masochism
  • mummification
  • Nylon
  • patient
  • Shaving, stimulation current
  • cane training
  • role playing
  • sadist
  • slaughter
  • Shoe and foot eroticism
  • Other by arrangement
  • spitting
  • Strap On Dildo Games
  • animal training
  • trampling
  • tunnel games
  • verbal eroticism
  • enslavement
  • demonstration
  • forced ejaculation
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