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Mistress Felina

Mistress Felina

Dates Dominatrix Studio

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Young dominatrix & Femme Fatale - seductive & immoral

I am a natural dominant woman with a sarcastic, funny and seductive personality. I would like to try myself in BDSM and get to know all facets.

My great love is power and the bizarre game. It fills me to take possession of you.

Go into my world and you belong to me skin and hair and are completely at my mercy. You long to fulfill my every command and you forget everything around you and only live for me.

You will always feel physically and intellectually inferior to me. You take off your everyday clothes and here you can be the version of yourself you want to be. Be my slave, my dog, my whore...or my patient in need of hospitalization. I'm always looking for volunteers where I can apply what I've learned from a real nurse.

Acting out fetishes is one of the basic needs that should not be suppressed. And it's just too much fun not to live it out to the fullest.

I am also happy to gently introduce beginners to the BDSM paradise.
It's better to regret what you've done than regret not having done it.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Preferences of Mistress Felina:

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to the current corona crisis and current hygiene regulations, some of the services/preferences mentioned may not be offered. Please observe the applicable regulations.

  • Education soft to hard
  • anal treatment
  • anal stretching
  • fisting
  • urethral dilatation
  • chastity
  • catheter
  • beginners pleasant
  • breath reduction
  • overseer
  • baby rearing
  • bondage
  • nipple treatment
  • CBT
  • humiliation
  • kidnapping games
  • feminisation
  • Fetish Clinic Games
  • fixation games
  • flagellation
  • doctor
  • foot eroticism
  • high heels
  • whore education
  • TV education
  • detention
  • chastity
  • corseting
  • nurse
  • Scat, Dirty Games
  • long-term education
  • Golden Showet
  • surgical simulation
  • patient
  • Pet games - dog - pony
  • stimulation current
  • cane training
  • role playing
  • sadist
  • Shoe and foot eroticism
  • Other by arrangement
  • spitting
  • Strap On Dildo Games
  • verbal eroticism
  • forced ejaculation
  • force-feeding
  • Tease and denial
  • trampling
  • verbal eroticism
  • interrogations

More on request

Mistress Felina’s Taboos:

Permanent Damage, Wrestling, Roman Shower Vomit

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