Annabel Schöngott

Annabel Schöngott

Dates SM-Apartment Gold

15.08. - 18.08.

Dirty mind & body games

I am an emphatic gamer and sensitive pervert. My sadism is purely playful and moves within the radius of my and your lust. My lust is almost always a mirror of yours. Unless you are at my mercy with a head mask, shackles and spread arms and legs. That inevitably turns me on and I love how that feeling inevitably spreads through me. A great game.
My skin meets your....filthy fantasies to be thought, spoken and maybe done....
I am an absolute touch fetishist. i want to explore you Sometimes soft, sometimes hard, sometimes slippery, horny, a bit painful or messy.

My favorite lust triggers are:

you are at my mercy

i use you

It gets messy and/or dirty.

My favorite sessions are usage scenarios, licking, and roleplaying. I like to tease and love to feel skin. I turn many people's heads with my curves and I like to let passion run its course.

I welcome all people who like to let go and are brave enough to join me on the journey so that we can have fun. Because that's what we're here for. The experience of my guests doesn't matter to me. Just love of the game.

Preferences of Annabel Schöngott:

  • Usage Scenarios
  • dirty talk
  • Licking and role playing
  • Creations of my bodily fluids
  • anal treatment
  • anal stretching
  • baby rearing
  • utility games
  • nipple treatment
  • CBT
  • humiliation
  • facesitting
  • feminisation
  • Fetish Clinic Games
  • doctor
  • foot eroticism
  • KV
  • NS
  • Dirty Games
  • masques
  • Pet games - dog - pony
  • stimulation current
  • Shoe and foot eroticism
  • student - teacher
  • spitting
  • strap on
  • dildo games
  • verbal eroticism
  • forced ejaculation
  • force-feeding

Annabel Schöngott’s Taboos:

Alcohol, Permanent Injury, Drugs, Stimulants, Roman Shower
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