Leather bondage bag + leather mask by Fetters

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Hanging leather bondage bag by Fetters
Does it excite you when you lie defenseless at the feet of your mistress, wrapped in leather, masked and strapped in a sack on the bondage table with leather straps. The scent and the properties of the material are simply of great importance for this extreme variety.

Leather has the great advantage that the development of heat is more controllable and that it can be stored within the leather sack for much longer. As our leather fetishists know, leather is much more restrictive and stable.

The bondage bag by Fetters is made of high-quality leather and is also used as a hanging bondage bag for an extremely cool feeling.

Size XL plus the following additional equipment:
+ Nipple flaps
+ Leg dividers
+ 6 additional leather straps
+ Foot suspension
+ Shoulder suspension

Leather bondage mask by Fetters

This high quality leather mask is very restrictive. It includes a collar with D-rings, separate eye patch and toggle for buckling into place. With several buckles, this mask is very practical and quick to use. The mouth area can also be closed with a zipper.

Your mistress determines when you see what .... when she opens the mouth seal. The air supply is guaranteed through the breathing holes.
Ideally suited for long-term education as well as for anonymous presentations / seductions.

Rental price - commercial use 70.00 euros (for the ladies with the contract)
Rental price - private use 90.00 euros rental fees including cleaning fees

Our cleaning staff cleans and disinfects the leather sack with a professional steamer after each use.

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