Viktor Night

Viktor Night

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Dominant, sadistic & sensitive, tender

I'm Viktor Night. Dominant, sadistic, loving, playful, cuddly, curious, sensitive, tender, open, honest, funny, trusting, responsible, secretive.
For me BDSM is:
Someone is being tickled, which isn't just pleasant, they may not be able to really defend themselves against it, the person being tickled enjoys the result, the squirming of the victim, the squeaking noises. You can only be tickled by close, good friends. The victim is having fun, the perpetrator is too, everything is arousing somewhere, and when the person tickling notices that it's getting too much, he stops. There is no better way to describe punishment.” Some sadomasochists balk at the term 'play' because SM is a deadly serious matter - or at least a philosophy of life, but definitely not a frivolous pastime. In my view, a game runs according to strict rules that the voluntary participants agree on at the beginning; If someone doesn't follow these rules, the game is over. (Who likes spoilsport?) A game is for the enjoyment of everyone involved and there can be no winners or losers. BDSM is the most extreme form of love, respect, recognition, respect, security, trust, affection, care. Some components of BDSM are even completely asexual
Welcome to the world of lust and submission!

As a new emerging dominus on the scene, I am ready to lead you on a journey full of devotion and ecstasy. Strict, dominant and sadistic, but also loving, playful and curious. Your fantasies become reality as I guide you through a sea of pleasure and pain, always sensitive and open to your needs.
With experience from both sides, I know how to respectfully and sensitively expand your boundaries while exploring your deepest desires.

My curiosity knows no bounds and I am always eager to explore new avenues and explore the world of BDSM. For me, openness and honesty are indispensable values, as are trust and confidentiality.

I carry the responsibility for your well-being on my broad shoulders and always act carefully so that I can create a safe space for you.
If you are interested in experiencing a world of pleasure and submission, then let's start this exciting path together. I am still in my discovery state in this scene but my passion and dedication are unmatched.
In the clinical area, I really work as a nurse and have the great privilege of being part of the team here. I have specialized in various procedures such as inserting catheters, performing enemas and I especially enjoy stretching you during anal play. My goal is to ensure that you receive the best possible care and that you feel comfortable during your stay here.

I am open to all genders, whether you are a beginner or an experienced sub, I am here to fulfill your dreams and desires. Dare to take the next step. Contact me now and let’s dive into the world of pleasure together.

Preferences of Viktor Night:

  • Anal games, strap-on, fisting, anal plug
  • Nipple play, clamps
  • Clinic games 
  • Urethral treatment with dilator
  • catheter,
  • Intimate examination and assessment
  • Spanking with whip and cane
  • Stimulation current
  • Foil bondage
  • Handcuffs
  • Slave ownership
  • Caging
  • Power games
  • Military boots
  • Gag
  • Testicular torture
  • Couples

More on request

Viktor Night’s Taboos:

Permanent damage, feces, role playing, yelling, drugs

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