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News from Domina Bizarre & Erotic Studio Elegance

Latest News & Specials


Official Opening of the new SM Apartments

On 31.08.2019 in the "Night of Pleasure" we celebrated with our guests the "Official Opening" of the new SM apartments on the 2nd floor (red and gold).

We have completely rebuilt the bizarre studio to offer our guests and BDSM fans a special fetish experience in a private and very discreet atmosphere.

Stop by and discover the new very elegant and contemporary BDSM premises.

Get a first impression and visit:


New air conditioners in Studio Elegance

It's so easy to play cool in the heat of these days. Germany moans under an unbearable heat wave, but we moan only at Elegance with horniness.

We have several air conditioners installed in Studio ELEGANCE now. This concerns the following areas: Domina Studio Elegance, VIP-Lounge Elegance as well as the brand-new SM-Apartments on the 2nd floor Gold and Red!

We wish you hot and horny games in a fresh atmosphere at ELEGANCE!


Exclusive session

Enjoy an exclusive session in the luxurious suite - VIP Lounge Elegance.
Very private and discreet, therefore a direct appointment is absolutely necessary:

  • Lady Helena
  • Domina Kira Royal 
  • Bizarrlady Pamela
  • Lady Lia
  • Davina Dust
  • Zofe Emma
  • Lady Letitzia Justice

The current attendance list of the ladies in the VIP Lounge Elegance can be found on the homepage of Studio Elegance


LIVE VIDEO – BoundCon 2018

Für alle, die die BoundCon 2018 verpasst haben oder sich erinnern wollen, haben wir ein tolles »Video und mehrere Fotos veröffentlicht. Dies wird Euch ganz bestimmt begeistern. Wir wünschen viel Spaß beim Anschauen.

Macht Euch das Video Lust nächstes Jahr vorbeizuschauen?
Merkt Euch den 24.05 -26.05.2019 auf der BoundCon XVI in München vor. Dort werden wir wieder als Hauptsponsor das Studio Elegance präsentieren. Viele Shows mit Euren Ladies erwarten Euch. Lass Euch überraschen!


Meeting point Boundcon in Munich

The following ladies are present at the fair Boundcon:

Miss Mia Marlee - 25.05., 26.05., 27.05.
Pixie Pee Magic - 25.05., 26.05., 27.05.
Shelly - 25.05., 26.05., 27.05.
Lady Erika - 25.05., 26.05., 27.05.
Lady Lana Poison - 25.05., 26.05., 27.05.
Drag Lady Lulu - 25.05., 26.05.
Lady Victoria Sky - 25.05., 26.05., 27.05.
Lady Vlada - 26.05., 27.05.
Lady Luci - 26.05.
Comtessa Loredana - 26.05.
Domina Charlize - 25.05., 26.05.
Lady Olivia - 26.05.
Davina Dust - 27.05.
Herrin Ahmanet - 25.05., 26.05.
Lady Elena - 25.05., 26.05., 27.05.
Our ladies looking forward to see you there!


Studio Elegance Main Sponsor of BOUNDCON XV

Studio Elegance Main Sponsor of BOUNDCON XV – Europe´s biggest Fetish and BDSM Convention!

The Domina Studio & VIP Lounge Elegance also attends this year from May 25, 2018 to May 27, 2018 at the BoundCon in Munich in the culture hall Zenith. Studio Elegance is the main sponsor of BoundCon; the largest international fair of its kind for fetish and BDSM lovers in Europe.

At the fair, we are happy to answer all your questions about BDSM and fetish as well as to the VIP LOUNGE ELEGANCE. On this occasion, you are welcome to meet our team personally. We will bring different BDSM furniture for presentation and play on our stand. You can expect a colorful BDSM / fetish program with various artists from the SM scene and of course many famous Dominas.

We look forward to seeing you at the fair in the Kulturhalle Zenith (Lilienthalallee 29 - 80939 Munich).

Your Studio Elegance Team


Penthouse Magazine Edition 12/01 2018 – VIP Lounge Elegance

The famous MAGAZINE PENTHOUSE has published in the current edition (12/01-2018) an interesting article (page 48/49) about the VIP Lounge Elegance which describes the erotic possibilities of using the VIP Lounge in the way of "Fifty Shades of Grey".

Have fun while reading!

Download PENTHOUSE-Artikel (pdf - 967 kb)


VIP Lounge Elegance – Videos and 360 Degree View

We shot a couple of videos for you and created a 360 degree view with Google to give you an even better idea of how the VIP Lounge looks like.

The one video "VIP Lounge Elegance - Erotic & Pain" gives you a first impression of what you can do there with your partner ;-) and other video "VIP Lounge Elegance - Total View" shows you even aerial photographs in order to give you an overview of the entire area and all premises. Many thanks to Lady Jane for participation in the movie "Erotic and Pain" and the great shots.

Have fun while watching the videos.


360 Degree View:


Video - Elegance Kinky Venus Berlin 2017

Dear guests, friends and to all Kinky Venus visitors. In YouTube you will find a video that gives you a few impressions of our trade fair appearance at the Kinky Venus Berlin 2017. We wish you a lot of fun by watching our video:

Please, feel free and add to your calendar the BoundCon exhibition taking place from 25.05. till 27.05.2018 in Munich. As the main sponsor of BoundCon 2018 we will ensure again our best in order to show you a great performance; let us surprise you!


Best Domina Studio Germany - Venus Award 2017

We are very proud that the DOMINA STUDIO & VIP LOUNGE ELEGANCE has been awarded with the VENUS AWARD "BEST DOMINA STUDIO GERMANY". Our special thanks belongs to all Ladies / Dominas of the Studio Elegance, our guests and friends as well as to VENUS Berlin.

Our exhibition at Venus 2017 was a huge success. Our stand has been always very well attended. Press (TV/ radio / magazines etc), many VENUS stars and other large exhibitors visited our stand and celebrated with us late into the night. Further information (pictures and videos) about the ELEGANCE fair you will find at twitter (@BDSM_Elegance or @VIP_Elegance):


The Studio Elegance is on Twitter now

The Studio Elegance is on Twitter now. There you will find more pictures and and current news of us. You are welcome to follow us in order to get all news. Have fun while reading!



Kinky Venus Berlin 2017

This year, the DOMINA BIZARR STUDIO ELEGANCE presents itself for the first time at the Kinky Venus fair in Berlin from 12.10 to 15.10.2017.

We are PLATINUM SPONSOR of the Kinky Venus and will rock the exhibition hall really. Our measuring room is over 300 square meters. Here, on the upper gallery, we show the multifaceted world of experience of the BDSM.
We have a SM-Playground, different artists from the SM scene and of course many well-known Dominas.

In addition, we have our own bar, various interesting BDSM furniture and a VIP lounge area with a large seating area. Our DJs ensure a warm atmosphere with the best electronic music.

Our Dominas will be pleased to answer your questions about BDSM and give you autograph cards. We look forward to great and interesting conversations.

You can find all the details about the Kinky Venus Berlin at:

More information will follow shortly...



STUDIO ELEGANCE TEAM auf der BOUNDCON XIV (European Fetish Convention)!

Das STUDIO ELEGANCE TEAM präsentiert sich erstmals auf der BOUNDCON vom 25.05.2017 bis zum 28.05.2017 in München in der Kulturhalle Zenith.

Die BOUNDCON ist eine internationale Messe der Fetisch und BDSM Szene.

Bei dieser Gelegenheit könnt Ihr gerne unser Team persönlich kennenlernen. Folgende Damen sind auf der Messe präsent:

  • 25.05.2017 – Amalie von Stein, Lady Lia, Davina Dust
  • 26.05.2017 – Davina Dust, Lady Lia
  • 27.05.2017 – Lana Poison, Lady Carmen, Drag Lady Lulu,  Comtesse Larissa mit Pervydoll Emma
  • 28.05.2017 - Lana Poison, Lady Carmen, Davina Dust

Mehr Informationen zu den Ladies und weiteren Terminen folgen in Kürze.

Auf der Messe beantworten wir gerne all Eure Fragen zum STUDIO ELEGANCE als auch zur VIP LOUNGE ELEGANCE.

Wir freuen uns auf Euren Besuch auf der Messe in der Kulturhalle Zenith (Lilienthalallee 29 – 80939 München).



Blog online

Welcome to our new blog for everyone who is fascinated and interested in BDSM! Our blog presents the privat adventures and experiences of our ladies and friends which took place in the Dungeon Studio ELEGANCE. Only here you will find and learn about the real insights of BDSM, our experinces, our adventures and our opinions and views, pure, genuine, unique and real.

Enjoy the reading!

Your Dungeon Studio ELEGANCE team


Go Live of our VIP Lounge Elegance Website

We proudly present our VIP Lounge ELEGANCE Website! We did our very best in every detail to bring the first flush of the special "Elegance Feelings" to you.

Have a pleasant journey and enjoy your flight during your first trip into this world of ultimate pleasure.

Our new VIP Lounge Elegance is available to couples and small groups. Of course it also available for rent to our guests, including the lady of your choice.


Tuesday of ambisexuality

Every Tuesday, ambisexuality games are the special offer of our studio ELEGANCE. Let your male to male dreams come true, threesome, foursome, there ist no limit to your desires.

To fulfil all sorts of roleplay fantasies we can invite our slaves in order to create all sorts of sceneries. Events with several slaves are available on request – do not be shy, tell us what you are dreaming of.

Experience the unlimited pleasure of these games in our Studio ELEGANCE.

Nothing has to happen but everything is possible!


Longtime Rubber Session

We invite you to experience the ultimate rubber feeling!

Helpless you will be placed in our inflatable rubber bed. The intimate areas of your bode will be in our main focus while we play our erotic and kinky game with your and your desires. Become our pleasure toy!

We love longtime rubber sessions because during this intensive game we can increase your erection smooth and slowly to an excessive level. We guarantee for your individual experience, made to measure in order to fulfil your wet and horny rubber dreams. Your mind will be caught in this weird, lascivious and wonderful environment.

Enjoy the longtime pleasure oft tease and denial, pleasure, pain and punishment.


Happy New Year

It is final of 2017, the new year is approaching very soon.

The ELEGANCE teams wishes you a frivolous, kinky, hot & horny new year 2018. Enjoy lots of erotic, satisfaction, pleasure, desire, fun and extraordinary events, adventures and outstanding moments.

Additional to our new year greetings, we say "a big thank you" to all of you, 2017 was wonderful, full of excitement and fantastic moments.

Best new year regards,
your ELEGANCE Team


The Orgasm Machine – The Sybian for Gents

The world famous ladies‘ toy Sybian ist available for gentlemen now in the Studio ELEGANCE. We offer you the possibility to discover this new dimension of fun and pleasure. By erotic and vibrating stimulation you will experience the ultimate erection and an enormous orgasm. Speed and intensity can be adjusted to your preferences. A huge collection of accessories will provide the perfect toy for everyone.

Of course or ladies will combine the Sybian with your individual bdsm dream so that you will experience an unique erotic entertainment.


BDSM Training and further education

Professional ladies and private visitors have the possibility to attend our bdsm class. We offer several workshops, lessons can be held for groups, if preferred, one to one coaching is also available.

In our professional studio you can improve your knowledge and technique concerning all kinds of sadomaso an bdsm games. It doesn’t matter, if you are just at the beginning to discover your dark side or if you have a lot of experience, there ist still a lot to discover and to learn about. You will widen your horizon and enrich your knowledge.

You want to start your professional career? We also offer a complete dominatrix education and training.

Discover the art of domination, held by the experienced dominatrix Lady & Mistress Laetitia.

Further information concerning workshops, training, courses and tutorials: » or via phone, Mistress Laetitia  0160 95 24 00 20; »


Bizarre Massage – Dark Tantra Massage

Are looking for new stimulation and experiences? We invite you to join our bizarre massage! This is a sensual adventure and a great first step into the bdsm and sadomaso world. The perfect opportunity for beginners and inexperienced  guests.

We will guide you on your journey into your senses! In our studio, you can leave all "every day issues" far behind. You will be absolutely relaxed, warm oil is floating over your body, soft and sensual hands will stroke all over you, as well, you will feel the wonderful body of your lady. Suddenly, hot words and dirty fantasies will be whispered into your ear, would you a kinky touch? Your mind, thoughts and feelings will be overwhelmed  with lust and longings. Let the bizarre game begin and your lady take over control. Be relaxed, let it happen. Enjoy the pleasure off tease and denial, pleasure and pain, seduction and distance!

If you like, dirty talk, roleplay, forced orgasms, blindfolding, bondage, prostate massage, electro play, soft whipping and many more can be involved in your session.

Enjoy unique and exciting moments!


Rent a BDSM Studio – private use only

Discover the fancy and exciting world of BDSM and enjoy the atmosphere of a professional, high class equipped high class studio.

Due to strong demand, we offer the possibility to rent our room in the Penthouse ELEGANCE, We are looking forward to offer this possibility to private couples an groups who are searching for an extraordinary lovelounge / playground.

Here, you can enjoy your special games and desires without being disturbed. No need to think about neighbours who could hear something they are not supposed to hear etc. You have the possibility to rent the entire studio, including the terrace. (230 + 80  square metres)

Please note; the Penthouse ELEGANCE is not a transient or “rent per hour” hotel. The studio is available “per day” on weekends and statutory holidays. Special requests will be considered.

For further information and booking please give us a call (+49 174 3058096) or use the » contact form on our website.

Rates 600,- and up

We are looking forward to offer you this extraordinary moments in our Penthouse ELEGANCE.


Rubber Nuru Massage – enjoy the masterclass of erotiv massage!

A very special kind of massage and e special pleasure to all rubber and latex lovers. Discover new dimensions of feelings, erotic and sensuality!

A flow of erotic feeling and enjoyment will flow all-over your body, boosted and increased by the Nuru Gel. An extraordinary sliding feeling. During the Nuru Massage, your feelings will be strengthened by the use of silky and sleek rubber gloves. You body will be coated with the warm gel, your lady will seduce your mind and senses with a sensual body to body feeling.

You will feel her skin, covered by finest rubber  stimulating the most erotic spots of your body. In combination with the Nuru Gel this massage will give you an outstanding pleasure and enjoyment. If you like, bondage and anal stimulation / prostate massage can be introduced and combined with the Nuru Massage.  Enjoy the next level of ecstasy.


Outdoor – rooftop session, enjoy our terrace

Our rooftop terrace & lounge offers various equipment, tools and space for all sorts of fetish and bdsm games. Enjoy your fantasies under the blue sky and celebrate some outdoor feeling. 80 square metres offer a large playground, you will find everything that you are looking for.

Pillory, slave chair, gynecological chair, medical bed and dungeon will offer our ladies all sorts of opportunities to create your special dreams and desires. Beside from these playgrounds our pavilion, plants and flowers create a nice ambience and a feel-good surrounding for tender moments.

To ensure discretion, we have installed screens to protect your privacy.

Try this thrilling possibility to celebrate your session open air with the lady of your choice. The rooftop terrace is the perfect place for warm summer nights and hot moments.


New Studio phone number

Dear guests,

for your spontaneous or short notice visit, we have installed a new phone number so that you can ask for the availability of the ladies. Concerning the Penthouse Elegance, the existing phone number will remain valid and in effect.

Bizarrstudio Elegance (2nd floor): +49 89-35657255
Penthouse Elegance (3rd floor):   +49 89-35654835

Please note! On our website you will find the direct contact information and weekly presence of the ladies.

Our ladies act as autonomous freelancers. Each of them practises her individual fetish desires and preferences. They will inform you about rates, possibilities and the services that can be provided.

The studio Elegance does not arrange appointments between guest and renters.


We upgrade our bizarre playground!

From the 1st of March, our studio will be expanded to an entire space of 500 square meters. Beside the 2nd floor, also the 3rd floor (former Penthouse Palais becomes a part of our BDSM & Fetishism area.

As established, you find our BIZARRESTUDIO ELEGANCE on the 2nd   floor and the dominatrix and sadomaso dungeon on the 3rd floor. Herewith our bizarre studio will become the place to be for BDSM and fetishism lovers in Munich. Highclass ladies, top service, best quality and luxury equipment / furniture are the character of ELEGANCE.

During summer, the roof-deck offers various outdoor options as well as a chillout lounge.



Sling – the amazing sexual pleasure for our adventurous connoisseur

Discover a new dimension of sexual pleasure and try all the positions you have been dreaming about – but have not had the possibility to practice them. Try the “zero gravity“ feeling and celebrate lustful moments.

Enjoy our loveswing together with our kinky fetish playmates – this tool will increase your thoughts and feelings. The „free flow love act“ will make you want more of this kinky game. All sorts of sexual preferences and positions are possible, make your choice and decide whether you prefer it “from behind” or if you perhaps demand a blowjob? The loveswing offers also the possibility to get you in a helpless position so that our ladies have the best access to your anus and body.

We offer several loveswing modifications that can be used in all our rooms.


Rubber Fetish Games

Discover extraordinary rubber fantasies

Enjoy  the captivating perfume, the body to body feeling and the unique shine of rubber and latex. It will open up a new dimension of feelings and pleasure. Taste it! Feel it! Smell it! Sweat in it!

You will be covered in smooth and silky latex, bondaged and defenceless and captivated. Standing upright, sitting or raised in the air – each position is possible. You will be isolated from the outside world and completely delivered to us.


  • excentric fetish rubber games
  • bizarre and kinky games 
  • heavy rubber experiences
  • mummification
  • rubber feminization
  • mask training
  • long time sessions
  • overnight sessions

Selection of our equipment:

  • rubber suites, all sizes  
  • various rubber masks, for example featuring hoses, tubes and glory holes   
  • inflatable restriction pants with cock cuff  
  • inflatable rubber body bag for freely suspended games, if you like in combination with a mask
  • inflatable rubber bed  
  • sauna body bag
  • rubber straitjacket
  • rubber skirt
  • rubber big tits bra
  • lots of other latex and rubber accessoires

Our high class rubber equipment is “state of the art” and made by famous producers, such as DeMask, Studio Gum etc. We always keep our rubber collection “up to date”, new pieces are introduced frequently


Bizarre Duets

Lascivious dreams and forbidden fantasies – we will make them come true!
Extraordinary sceneries – realized as a duo composition:

  • Dominatrix Duo
  • Mistress & Transsexual Lady
  • Bizarre Black & White Duo (Dark Room and Clinic)
  • Mistress & submissive Lady
  • Mistress and He-Bitch Slave
  • Medical Duo

We invite you to attend an unique bizarre adventure! Live and experience your dream – and share it with us.  Based on our wide spread experience we offer various possibilities that will fulfil and exceed your highest expectations.  

Become part of outstanding moments of erotic, excitement and entertainment. Indulge yourself and take a trip far beyond every day life. We will upon up a bizarre paradise of lust and pleasure. 

Mistresses and slave girls are waiting for you to celebrate your dreams in the studio ELEGANCE. Each lady follows her special preferences and ambitions and will do her very best to create an outstanding encounter of fetishism, passion and delight. Of course, responsibility is the basement of everything we do. We will be pleased to answer your questions – feel free to contact us.   


Golden Shower – the special kind of pleasure

Pee games in all variations

You have that special longing to taste an extraordinary taste of warm liquid? As well we address to those who are already high class gourmets.
Enjoy our champagne de luxe; warm and just from it’s origin. Served as golden shower at it’s purest or stylish in a champagne glass.

Golden shower beginners

Discover your desires in an erotic and kinky session. Feel the hot juice on your body and taste some drops of it on your lips. Our ladies will introduce you into this warm and wet world of enjoyment.

Golden Shower Orgy

To those who are experienced we offer the next step of wet and messy golden shower games! Our plumbing unit is the place to become dirty and horny. This can also be done with more than one lady – we love the hot, wet, dirty and kinky style of pleasure.

Forced feeding

Strictly tight up, no way out. This how you will receive our champagne – this procedure can be done in more than one way.

Toilet training – golden shower only

Special procedure for special gourmets. Take the chance to serve us as a living toilet and be at the service of all ladies. You will offer your service as a toilet slave! Various golden shower games, spitting, dirty talk etc. NO SCAT! Scat Sessions have to be booked individual.


Milking Machine Venus 2000 – The special vacuum toy

You just have to feel this powerful sucking! The champions league of sexual stimulation leading to ecstasy. This tool guarantees for kinky fun and extraordinary orgasms.  By providing several cylinders we make sure that the perfect size is in stock. Speed and pressure can be adjusted as required to ensure the perfect stimulation of all senses.

Enjoy this very special milking process with the venus 2000; forced orgasm, potency training and erection control are just some options.

Forced ejaculation

You think, you can’t do it once more? Yes you can. Once locked in the cylinder there is no way out. We will get every single drop of your juice out of you. Milking to the limit.

Orgasm control

The perfect control of lust. Let us play with your desires. We enlarge your orgastic feeling to the ultimate limit – and unique experience.


Cross Dressing -Transformation

Cross-dressing and sissy boy training!  

Discover your female attitudes!   

Would you like to enjoy a complete transformation into the female role?
We accompany your during this amazing procedure and ensure that you will become what you wanted to be ever since.   
Together we will find out about your potential and discover the perfect role for you. This may be the one of an elegant lady, a kinky bitch or a horny slut.

We have a huge collection of high heels, make-up, dresses, lingerie and accessoires in stock to create the appearance for you. 

Our professional make up artists and style experts will assist you in finding your perfect style. 

On our runway you have the chance to perform your ladylike appearance as well as your elegance and style – we will make sure that this becomes an unique event to you.