Trained by the leather mistress

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I have been visiting the studio at Frankfurter Ring 139 for about 15 years. I only go to one lady. Last Wednesday I allowed myself to appear in the studio without an appointment. After I showered, I kneeled naked and waited longingly for my mistress.

After about 20 minutes, the music in the studio was turned off. I heard a click of high heels coming closer and closer. The door opened. A tall, tanned, black-haired, dreamlike lady covered with a long figure-hugging black leather coat entered the room. She loudly gave me the first command "Stand up straight!"

Then she slowly pulled a black leather mask over my head with her black leather gloves, tied it up and closed it with a particularly thick slave collar.

"Kneel down servant" she ordered me and took off your leather coat. She was standing in front of me in tight black leather trousers, leather corsets, long leather gloves with armbands and high-heeled over-the-knee leather boots.

"Lick my boots servant!" I followed your instructions with great pleasure. Then I had to lie down on the penalty box. My leather mistress whipped me properly.

I was led on a slave leash, always with your high leather boots in front of my eyes. The face of the mistress took my breath away. The scent of your leather then brought me to a climax.

Over the years Comtessa Loredana trained me to be your servant. Dressed exclusively in leather, she shaped me according to your will. I would like to be loyal to Comtessa Loredana as a servant in the future. I would like to take this opportunity to thank my leather mistress.

Author: Knecht der Comtessa Loredana - posted on 06/10/2022 Learn more about Comtessa Loredana
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