The humanoid rubber object and the dangers of the big wide world

The humanoid rubber object and the dangers of the big wide world | von Autor Humanoides Objekt | Bizarrstudio Elegance Blog

The humanoid rubber object grew up and at some point it was about time that it started to get interested in the big wide world. Encouraged by the curious reaction of the depraved world and due to the fact that it had to keep poking its nose or something else into things that had nothing to do with it, one day it had to happen that it caught something. He was obviously given too much freedom and disregarded the warning words of his mistress Comtessa Loredana.

This now had to be corrected urgently so that it returned to the right rubber path and its purpose and was fully available to its mistress. All the evidence indicated that the naïve rubber object had contracted the dangerous Cannibalensis Latexis virus. So now it was again up to the mistress to put things in order with a clear goal and a clear message. First, the humanoid rubber object had to be freed from the plague, on the other hand, it had to be made clear what not to do. This was best done with clear words and physical punishment.

Typical therapy for this disease involves quarantine, administration of an extensive cocktail to regain selective disinhibition only towards the owner. It also occurs psychologically through neurolinguistic reprogramming through reprimands and threats of punishment. Furthermore, to strengthen the rubber system, the administration of current impulses directly to the center of the boobs is strongly recommended. Hypersensitivity to rubber to force the cannibal virus to give up is also part of the treatment.
The first thing to do is to put the spoiled rubber object in rubber. It must put on its stockings and corset under supervision and clear instructions. This dampens the autoimmune defense reactions. Next, the treating doctor uncovers the center of the breast with a razor. The current pulses to be administered will bring the rubber system back into shape. At the same time, it is appropriate to verbally influence the rubber object." I've always told you not to always stick your nose in everywhere", "You'll see what you get out of it", "The therapy is definitely not pleasant In case, you shouldn't be either", "I can tell you, that won't be a cakewalk, but it's your own fault", "I'll show you what's appropriate for you and what isn't, at some point you'll get it " .

In order to prevent its surroundings from being infected, the humanoid rubber object first has to be quarantined in the vacuum-sealable latex bag for a longer period of time. This was specially adapted for therapy and now has an additional opening for recording the rubber body temperature and moisture. So put the object in the sack, squeezed the balls and the tail through the sensor opening (yes, you can even go through the smallest hole). Then the electrodes are glued to the center of the boobs of the rubber object and the full latex mask is put on. The bag is then sealed airtight.

In order to prevent the virus from spreading, vacuuming must now be ensured. Well, the quarantine alone doesn't solve the problem. So that the condition of the humanoid rubber patient can be continuously checked during the therapy, the sensor Dillatissimo must be inserted at the freely accessible tail interface and the temperature and humidity of the rubber patient must be measured.

The following 3 measures are promising for therapy:

  • Electrotherapy to strengthen the gum system
  • Administration of freshly tapped urine by the treating doctor via a funnel
  • Start neurolinguistic reprogramming

If hopefully (or not) the therapy responds after a while, the humanoid rubber object can be released from the quarantine. The clinical part has now been completed, now it has to be ensured that the rubber object is punished and further reprogrammed for the unabashed expression of its instincts. Now it makes sense that the careless rubber object would also correctly recognize the seriousness of the situation. In order to ensure eye contact with its owner, the gas mask is now put on after the further administration of Gintonix and closed well with the neck corsage.

It is now best placed on the gynecologist and tightened. It should really feel what deprivation of freedom means and to submit to the will of the mistress. All holes of the rubber object now belong entirely to the possessive mistress. After stretching the rubber ass, it is prepared for a punishment fuck. The nipples are clamped hard or even... and pulled up with a little elastic cord so that the punishment effect is hopefully permanent.

The fire of possession will seize the rubber object irretrievably, this feeling will be burned into his memory once and for all. This is also ensured by the clear instructions of the mistress. Now comes the final testimony of the domination and submission of the rubber slut: A strap-on that penetrates deep into the abdomen with relish and that not too quickly but intensively and possessively paves its way. It is also checked whether the rubber object used as a rubber slut can reach its ultimate climax and the last drop is withdrawn from it. Now the rubber object can hope for resocialization again and thanks Comtessa Loredana for granting him clemency.

Author: Humanoides Objekt - posted on 02/03/2023 Learn more about Comtessa Loredana
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