From stalker to prisoner

From stalker to prisoner | von Autor Anton | Bizarrstudio Elegance Blog

An erotic BDSM story with Lady Amalia Álvar

I don't know when the idea came to me to secretly enter her apartment. But I did it and was to regret it bitterly. My new neighbor, the mysterious Spaniard Amalia Álvarez, had moved into the apartment next to mine a few weeks ago and I fell for her from the first moment.

She was an imposing figure, an Amazon, an alpha lady and obviously a leader - while I was just a simple employee who was constantly tasked with cleaning tasks by my superior.

At first, I always watched Amalia Álvarez in the morning. She left the house shortly after 7 a.m., where I saw that she hid a spare key under a flower vase next to her apartment door, just in case, I thought. When she met me in the stairwell, she had repeatedly treated me like nothing; none of my greetings were ever returned. That didn't stop my desire to watch her every morning, quite the opposite. The more the days went by, the more curious, almost obsessed, I became about her. I followed her every day on the way to work, watched her in the gym, drinking coffee with friends... Until at some point I decided to secretly gain access to her apartment using the spare key...

The disaster takes its course

It was a Wednesday morning when I entered the apartment - hyper-nervous and yet focused and purposeful. As expected, I was impressed by what was in front of me. The apartment of a high-status lady was something I could only dream of. Tastefully, stylishly and qualitatively furnished... In those first moments I never expected that this apartment would become my prison.

Intuitively, my path led to her bedroom, where I wanted to lustfully and, as if in a trance, work on her underwear. "I want a souvenir, or at least several..." I thought cockily, and in my increasing horniness ignored the noises from the room next door.... Bending over, then on my knees at one of the lower drawers, I rummaged through greedily and nervously sorting through her underwear, sorting one thong next to the others, always looking for the hottest item I wanted to kidnap into my apartment...

"Well, what is my stalker doing there?!" I heard a woman's voice loud and bossy next to me. Horrified, I turned to the left where Amalia Álvarez was standing next to me in high heels and only wearing a thong and a corsage. I fell into a state of shock. My heart started racing. I suddenly stammered about a fire alarm and that I just wanted to check that everything was going well, after all, a fire could have broken out, but I immediately realized the futility of my justifications with my panties in my hand. Still kneeling on the floor, I begged to refrain from filing a complaint, saying that she, Amalia Álvarez, could do anything to me if only she didn't go to the police.
At that moment I noticed the beauty of her appearance, her velvety and flawless skin, her feminine charisma..., but the bewitching moment didn't last long as Amalia Álvarez took a step forward and gave me a resounding slap in the face. I screamed and struggled to keep my balance even on my knees because of the force.

"Anything? You'd do anything for me?" she asked, slapping me again. Again I struggled with my balance and, with my eyes downcast, whispered: "Yes, everything, Mrs. Álvarez..."

"For you it's still 'Lady Amalia Álvarez', do we understand each other?!"

I twitched in anticipation of the next slap, which never came. Instead, she continued: "Do you think I haven't noticed you stalking me, in the city, in the stairwell, in the gym...?!" Now it gave the expected slap, this time so loud that even the neighbors could have heard it. In a daze, I stammered that I was sorry and again asked her not to press charges...
"Well, I don't plan on that either," she said, almost level-headed and calm. Instead she looked at the ceiling, and what I saw made me realize the misery of my situation. She pointed to a pulley that I hadn't noticed when I entered... "I'm happy to accept your invitation and now I'll do everything that I ever wanted to do with a stalker and loser like you. And what you're up to as a peeping Tom If you have Kerbholz, I'll beat you out of you in all the details in the next few hours, you can be sure of that..."

Interrogation on the pulley

Out of nowhere she pulled out handcuffs and a spreader bar. It only took a few seconds and I was hanging fixed to the pulley, my hands tied behind my back, my legs immobilized by the bar. I suddenly remembered medieval depictions... of hanging on poles.

Shouldn't I have fled, risked the report, and risked prison? It was too late for these thoughts, I was tied up. I stayed with Lady Amalia Álvarez, and this was the mistake of my life, because I quickly realized who I was dealing with: the beautiful, elitist and so aloof neighbor Lady Amalia Álvarez was a sadist. She interrogated me with slaps and sticks. And after every slap in the face, after every stroke of the cane on the bottom, I could see in her bright blue eyes how she became more and more horny and reckless with new bursts of endorphins.

I painfully told and confessed everything. How I stalked her, watched her every day, stalked her and wanted to find out everything about her. I went into a state of narcotic excitement that I had never felt in my life. I shiver. Never before has such a beautiful woman stood in front of me so skimpily dressed. It was feelings of lust, powerlessness and humiliation that overwhelmed me.

Then the torture and humiliation took a new turn. She said: "So, you wanted to have coffee with me, but you didn't dare to talk to me?! You know, little loser, for me there are two types of people: some I go for coffee with, others can have my coffee drink again. You belong in the second category."

Then something happened that I will never forget as long as I live. She freed me from the bonds and then said just one word, which was basically just an order: “Lie down!” Still perplexed, I stammered something about "Coffee?!", but then, in my shaky nervousness, I followed her instructions and lay on my back on the parquet floor.

From stalker to living toilet

In fact, I saw it - and didn't want to believe it: Lady Amalia Álvarez positioned herself with her legs slightly apart over my face, pushed the panties aside in her crotch and gave the next command that increased my excitement immeasurably: "Open your mouth!"
I hesitated in my state of complete confusion. “Open your mouth…” I heard again, cooler and louder in tone. "Or do I have to get a mouth spreader?!" She crouched down and something terrible happened:

Lady Amalia Álvarez relieved herself into my mouth in well-measured thrusts, and she did it as if it were the most natural thing in the world. After each of the six, seven, or eight wet intervals, the command “Swallow!” was sounded. I followed her instructions. Or tried as best as possible, but many things went wrong. It was a bitter, nutty and strong taste and I suddenly understood everything: I was about to drink her coffee again.
As if in a trance, I stared at her round bubble butt. Amalia Álvarez, on the other hand, was completely immersed in her business world and was suddenly talking about million-dollar budgets, venture capital and departments that she wanted to close soon.

It was these last minutes that led me into complete bondage. I was broken and weak-willed.

After 20 minutes she entered the bedroom again, this time wearing high heels, a leather skirt and a white blouse. In her right hand she held a dog leash. Intuitively, I lowered my gaze and got on all fours. She put the collar on me without a word and led me through the spacious apartment.

Passing a mirror, I briefly saw my battered face and my bloodied butt, covered in countless welts. When she arrived in a dark side room at the other end of the apartment, behind a black padded door, she pointed to a small open cage. She just said: “You know where your place is from now on.” I followed her implied command and crawled behind the bars. The door slammed shut and Lady Amalia Álvarez left the apartment. I was left in the dark. For how long?

Reluctance, disgust and feelings of humiliation were overshadowed by an increasing horniness. Lying under her, I literally melted with pleasure. And without her or I having touched myself, I had come - still shaking all over - with the last jet.

Just as she was finishing and getting up again, her smartphone, which had been lying on the dresser the whole time, rang. She answered the phone and as if nothing had happened, she walked towards the door on her high heels. And while she was walking and talking on the phone, she used the fingers of her left hand to adjust the panties on her crotch that she had just pushed aside for her humiliating act on me.

Author: Anton - posted on 11/24/2023 Learn more about Lady Amalia Álvarez
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